“...it takes a special person to be a great foster parent, someone who realizes that the child he or she is receiving isn't perfect and probably is carrying a lot of heavy emotional baggage and bad habits. But that understanding and acceptance are essential if foster parents truly hope to bring any sense of normalcy to the child living with them in their home. The rest is all uphill from there.” – Jimmy Wayne

happy familyWho We Are

United Connections Foster Family Agency, Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Riverside, California. We help foster children and families get the support and resources that they need. This is accomplished by helping foster children find safe, loving homes; as well as supporting foster parents through a training program, assistance with resources they need, and connecting them with foster children who need their help.

Our Team

Our team consists of compassionate mental health professions, i.e, office assistance, Social Workers, Marriage Family Therapist and Clinical Counselors who are experienced in working with foster children and families. Our team also serves as a support network for foster families by providing mental health services, case management assistance, and foster parent training. Our goal is to maintain culture competence ensuring collaboration, safety/security, and respect in meeting the needs of our foster family/children.

United Connections Foster Family Agency, Inc. has an excellent reputation with our community partners, i.e., County and State authorized representatives.

Our Mission

The mission of United Connections is to teach youth how to link life’s challenges with life’s changes while making lifelong connections.


To build a community where foster children are able to find a safe, loving, and permanent home where all of their needs are met. We are a family oriented agency that responds to the needs of foster children and families by providing comprehensive, person-centered services.

How we accomplish the Mission Statement:
This is accomplished by, providing support to children in the foster care system. The children receive socio-emotional support that is needed for their individual growth and development. We strive to improve the lives of children who are in foster care through consistent support, education, and a network of resource referrals.

Learn More

To learn more about our advocacy and services, please contact us at 951-358-0800.